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Beren Shoes is a multichannel retailer of upscale shoes. In this environment, it is critical to look "larger than life" and be able to adapt and move quickly. The company's eCommerce department found that the existing site made these goals difficult to achieve. It was more of a clearinghouse to liquidate shoes at the end of each season, rather than a top-of-the-line eCommerce site that allowed the team to bring Beren's upscale brand to life online.

As a long-time customer, (I can assert that) KalioCommerce’s platform provides the tools, and services we need to deeply engage our customers online.
Bruce McCurdy
eCommerce Director, Beren Shoes
  • An increase year-over-year revenues by double digits
  • Converting new shoppers into long-time brand enthusiasts
  • Strengthening customer engagement in Beren’s upscale brand


KalioCommerce provides Beren with a reliable, secure, and high-performance eCommerce platform that delivers engaging customer experiences. By working with KalioCommerce as its eCommerce partner, Beren Shoes is able to implement new solutions at just the right time - not too early and not too late to take advantage of rapidly shifting trends. This is often a balancing act for the team.

For current customers, KalioCommerce helps by keeping them engaged in our brand. Both are critical to our long-term success as a mid-sized retailer in a hyper-competitive market.

David Beren
President, Arthur Beren Shoes


With KalioCommerce as its eCommerce partner, Beren regularly achieves double-digit year-over-year revenue growth — an impressive feat in the hyper-competitive shoe market. This growth can be attributed to several factors. Beren Shoes can quickly integrate new features into their eCommerce site including homepage video elements, rich graphics, and a natural path to purchase. Visitors are now presented with a clear menu of options, from which they can narrow down their choices by shoe size, color, width, designer, style, heel height, and more. Most importantly, KalioCommerce contributes to Beren's long-term success as a mid-sized retailer by deeply engaging customers online. This, at the end of the day, is what drives revenue.

Beren Shoes

With a long standing retail store in San Francisco, as well as an industry leading mail order catalog, working in conjunction with the online store, Arthur Beren Shoes has set the standard for classic contemporary footwear worldwide. People come from all over the globe to shop at Arthur Beren Shoes, often arriving straight from the airport. Because they are a family business, Beren Shoes recognizes the importance of treating each customer as an individual. They take pride in listening to their customers' requests — requests that led to their mail-order catalog and now to their web store.


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