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Unable to Locate the Right Part

When shoppers can’t find products, they can’t buy them. On Dennis Carpenter’s old platform, the ability to search for the right part was non-existent without the part number. There were no sort options (such as price or A-Z), and the lack of further refinements beyond the basic categories meant shoppers waded through pages to find the right part or left the site. The other roadblock was manual work: orders had to be manually re-entered. Credit card authorizations were done one at a time and completely offline. Inventory management was also done by hand, offline. There was no order history online. Customer service, accounting, data management, and website development did tons of manual work to keep the engine running.

"Dennis Carpenter always aims to provide the best customer experience. We can now offer a more intuitive shopping experience which will boost customer satisfaction and position us to increase sales.”

Bryan Fowler
Creative Director
Dennis Carpenter


High Performance eCommerce Engine Integration and Administration

Dennis Carpenter worked with Kalio to quickly build 4 separate tabbed vehicle sites, with 1 common set of backend data. Inventory, order management, shipping, taxation, credit card authorization, and customer management systems are all in sync with the platform. Dennis Carpenter’s teams add products, categories, attributes, images, promotions, and business rules without any code and as their business dictates. This eliminates many manual tasks so that the teams can focus on innovation.

Personalized Customer Experience

The new site is built to remember the shopper’s preferred vehicle category, while still allowing the shopper to navigate across all categories. Dennis Carpenter can create unique merchandising strategies for each of their vehicle categories: Truck Restoration enthusiasts on the site now see a custom look and feel just for Truck Restoration enthusiasts and the same happens for Ford Car, Ford Tractor, or Cushman Scooter enthusiasts. Dennis Carpenter can now continuously make design changes to to attract shoppers who appreciate the beauty of classic Ford Cars, Trucks, Tractors, and Cushman Scooters.

The change to Kalio will reduce the complexity and human resource demands, increase merchandising capabilities, and improve work flow flexibility for Dennis Carpenter’s move to Kalio will help us add customers, increase revenue, reduce cost of operations, and allow us to refocus our most valued resource, our people, on other business innovations.

Bryan Fowler
Creative Director
Dennis Carpenter

Help Shoppers Find What They're Looking For and Convert

Dennis Carpenter has incorporated new features to help reduce bounce rate and increase conversion:

The new faceted navigation helps shoppers refine the results of their searches. In the navigation, “mega menus” can highlight a certain product (such as a rubber seal for a wind shield) or can showcase a category (such as Ford Trucks, 1932-48). Shoppers can also jump online, enter product numbers, and buy items instantly using the QuickOrder page.

About Dennis Carpenter

Dennis Carpenter makes 11,749 different classic Ford Parts. Many of them are made at their facility in Concord, NC. As a family owned and operated company, Dennis Carpenter has been making Ford Restoration Parts for over 40 years. It all began in 1968 when Dennis was unable to locate plastic interior knobs for a 1940 Ford Deluxe convertible that he was restoring. After countless hours of research and experimentation with various plastic formulas in his home basement, Dennis fabricated some plastic injection molds and successfully produced his first dash knobs in 1970. Today, Dennis Carpenter Reproductions encompasses approximately 300,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehousing, and retailing.


Automotive Parts & Accessories

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