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Current Year-over-Year Gains

  • 120% increase in eCommerce transactions
  • 73% revenue increase

Cumulative Search Marketing Performance

  • 451% increase in eCommerce transactions
  • 651% increase in transactions

The Challenge

Understanding the potential impact of an investment in search and how long it will take to see revenue from this investment.

KalioCommerce Solution

Wheelhouse Search, Freund Container's SEO agency, worked with KalioCommerce to optimize the Freund Container website. The KalioCommerce platform allowed Wheelhouse to quickly implement a new SEO strategy.


Freund Container had seen little to no growth in search traffic for two years in 2010. Their initial questions were typical of those beginning to explore an investment in search engine optimization:

  • What is our market potential in search (ideally expressed in potential revenue)?
  • How quickly can we achieve that potential?

In answering these questions and developing a proposed statement of work for Freund Container, Wheelhouse engaged with KalioCommerce in an analysis of four areas:

  • Evaluation of the online competitive landscape for the company’s products
  • Quantification of the eCommerce market opportunity for Freund’s products
  • Initial insights into what had been impeding Freund’s online growth
  • Specific revenue projections and time frames for achievement of these projections. More specifically, Wheelhouse projections showed they could achieve more than 100% growth in revenue from organic search within 12 months


Freund Container exceeded their projected targets working with KalioCommerce and Wheelhouse. For example:

  • Revenue from non-brand organic search was up by 216%
  • Traffic from non-brand organic search had increased by 206%

SEO continues to outperform all other marketing channels:

  • Organic search traffic is 651% greater than pre-engagement levels
  • Transactions are up by 451% over pre-engagement levels

The Solution

Develop Search Strategy Consistent with Freund’s Strategy & Goals

The first step Wheelhouse Search takes is to achieve a thorough understanding of company strategy and goals then map that understanding to potential search strategies. For example, Freund Container specializes in providing container and packaging supplies in large quantities by the pallet, truckload, or even shipping container. As a consequence, simply increasing website traffic from visitors looking for “glass bottles”, for example, would be of limited value. Freund Container needed a strategy that brought new visitors to the site who were looking for the product in high-volume quantities.

Optimize to Showcase Company Value Proposition

Achieving top-rank for target keywords is an important step, but insufficient. Search marketing is an opportunity to market to potential visitors in search results, even before they click through to the site, to increase the click-through rate for client search results in the process.

For Freund Container, this was achieved through careful rewrites of search result copy to highlight key selling points by incorporating product reviews into their search results in the form of star ratings, also known as rich snippets. KalioCommerce’s flexible architecture enables rapid changes, minimizing development work required to implement.

Make the eCommerce Platform Part of Your SEO Strategy

Unlike most search marketing consultants, Wheelhouse works directly with KalioCommerce to optimize customer websites. As a consequence, Wheelhouse has an intimate understanding of client platforms and underlying code. In typical client engagements, this allows Wheelhouse and KalioCommerce to deliver value quickly and without requiring unnecessary customer overhead. And, when customers experience technical challenges, it means Wheelhouse Search and KalioCommerce work together to offer full support to collaboratively craft a solution.

Intimate Knowledge of Client Data

Driving outstanding search performance on eCommerce websites requires many things, but the foundation on which everything rests is the eCommerce platform and the database on which it is built. Achieving a granular understanding of that database – the relationships among categories, products, options, and attributes – has the potential to enable exceptional search strategy and to inform shrewd decision-making.

For example, a keen understanding of Freund’s category, product, option and attribute structure combined with historical sales performance data enabled Wheelhouse Search to work with Freund and KalioCommerce to redevelop information architecture for the site, mapping primary and secondary navigation to historical purchase patterns and company merchandising strategy. More recently, inherent understanding of the relationship among products, options and attributes has enabled Wheelhouse Search to redesign and restructure product templates while optimizing the product discovery process for each product category. The results of this effort have surprised even Wheelhouse, with consistent 100%-plus gains in search traffic for each new category completed.

Transactions up 117% Year-Over-Year

The partnership between KalioCommerce and Wheelhouse Search continues to drive outsized financial results for Freund Container:

  • Year-over-year, 2014 transactions are up by 117%, revenue is up by 68% and organic search traffic by 136%
  • The work to redesign and restructure information architecture and product templates at a category level is consistently driving 100%-plus increases in organic search traffic within 60-days of completion for each new category – which is great to see, given that this year’s goal is to double revenue from organic search!

About Wheelhouse Search

Wheelhouse Search is a premium Search Marketing agency. Wheelhouse provides Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Pay-per-click Advertising Management, Social Marketing and Analytics support to a wide variety of clients from global medical giants to household names in technology, and from hardcore eCommerce sites to B2B software providers.

They are known for an unusual combination of marketing savvy and technical expertise that produces compelling ROI for their clients. But they are equally known for a few things that they also consider sacrosanct and perhaps even more foundational to their success:

  • Their ability to accurately forecast the results they can achieve for their clients and then to meet and exceed such forecasts
  • The transparency and helpful spirit with which they do their work
  • The way in which they quickly become full partners in client marketing initiatives
  • The care and thoughtfulness that we show their clients


About Freund Container

Freund Container & Supply has been America’s leading supplier of rigid packaging and industrial supplies since 1938. Freund proudly ships more in-stock containers than any other US company and offers over 5,000 items in stock every day, 98% ship the same day they are ordered. Freund serves 380 of the Fortune 500 while also giving the same great touch to smaller, emerging companies.



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