Lifecycle Marketing

Smart Emails

More Personalized, Real-Time Content

  • Convert more shoppers and drive higher engagement rates with dynamic content — you have the power to add as many custom fields as you want, the personalization possibilities are unlimited
  • Automate advanced A/B split tests, the winning email can be automatically chosen and sent based on your criteria
  • Create custom reports based on segmentation and email results
  • Organize, manage, schedule, and deploy emails with the enhanced calendar feature
  • Modify URLs inside emails after they are sent
  • Build and automate campaigns faster the with new drag and drop interface and advanced segmentation capabilities — quickly slice and dice all the data you have and craft trigger emails in record time

Smart Messages

Lifecycle marketing allows you to touch your subscribers at whatever stage of the funnel they’re in.

We Help You Transform Ideas to Revenue Faster

  • Acquire: Grow Marketing Database Size (Opt-Ins)
  • Convert: Capture More 1st Time Customers
  • Grow: Boost Your Average Order Value
  • Loyalty: Retain More Repeat Purchasers
  • Win-Back: Decrease Opt-Outs & "Inactives", Generate Higher Engagement

Smart Insights

  • Advanced reporting is key to tracking your own metrics and improving your CTOR.
  • Trend analysis
  • Custom reports
  • Ability to export raw data
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