Smart Data

Connect your eCommerce platform to get product, purchase and customer data fields:

  • Recency (recent order)
  • Frequency (# of orders during lifetime)
  • Monetary (lifetime spend)
  • First order date
  • Most recent order date
  • Purchase history (by product)
  • Purchase history (by SKU)
  • Purchase history (by store)

Organize your data

  • Relational Database
  • Store data related to your subscribers, organize it into tables, and link these tables based on defined relationships.

Smart Segments

  • Smart Data leads to Smart Segments
  • Segments Based on Customer Lifecycle & Product Lifecycle
  • First-time buyers
  • Repeat buyers
  • Product recommendation based on most recent product purchased
  • Upselling/cross-selling
  • Post-purchase thank you series
  • Reward best/highest spending customers
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