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About Us


Kalio is the “boutique” ecommerce platform provider focused on the success of a select set of mid-market customers. We provide an enduring relationship that encompasses the complete solution stack: flexible, enterprise-grade platform designed for “speed of change”, an intimately connected technology services team, and tailored cloud services for each of our customers. We’ve found this combination to be uniquely valuable for a certain type of online retailer. Everything we do is designed to help our customers get from idea to revenue faster.

Kalio is unique in that we provide an integrated solution for ecommerce technology and services focused solely on the unique needs of the mid-market. We’re self-funded, financially stable and in control of our own destiny. Our business model enables us to manage growth so that we’ll never take on more customers than we can responsibly support with excellent service. Kalio is right-sized to be a long-term partner for mid-market online retailers who want a voice and relationship with the provider of this critical component of their business.


The KalioCommerce executive team brings significant ecommerce experience combined with deep enterprise application development expertise, cloud-based infrastructure and security and integration know how. Many of our team members have worked together for decades and through numerous successes.

We are proud to be a partner of each and every one of our customers, focused on helping grow their online revenues with an innovative platform and associated services.