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Agri Supply experiences 20% revenue growth year-over-year

Agriculture Equipment & Supplies


Guiding the Customers to the Right Products Among 26,000 Items

Web developers and designers have to keep up with the latest advancements. KalioCommerce gives you the power to build and deploy in the browser, right in the platform and move faster.
Shawn Lowe
Web Administrator, Agri Supply
  • 20% Revenue Growth Year-over-Year
  • 7% Improvement in Average Order Value
  • 48% Organic Search Revenue Increase
  • Improved conversion funnel by testing and enhancing user experience
  • Launched new merchandising strategy impacting hundreds of categories
  • Drove sales through organic search with dynamic content

Merchandising Strategy Changes

Customer Experience

New responsive checkout launched, before responsive web design

Shawn Lowe, Web Administrator at Agri Supply, started a responsive redesign beginning on the checkout page and worked backwards. The approach has successfully prevented many usability errors that can happen by focusing on the homepage first.

As shoppers go through different stages of the funnel, if they reach the checkout page, and the usability is poor, then they abandon the cart even if the experience at the start was great.

Handling special orders

For example, large farm machinery is traditionally ordered in person, through printed mail order, or over the phone due to the size of the machinery and the special shipping needed to handle the items. Instead of making shoppers take a detour, Agri Supply simplifies the order process by allowing customers to complete the majority of their purchase online. The order is sent to the carrier that contacts customers directly to handle the special shipment.

This method helps keep in check more often forgotten areas such as shipping, taxes, and specialized integrations to payments. Promotional catalog codes that can get botched when building a responsive site. Often retailers are focused on the look and feel of the home, results, and product pages without working out the rest of the flow.

KalioCommerce is more than an eCommerce platform, they are our partner for success.
Shawn Lowe
Web Administrator, Agri Supply

After deploying the responsive checkout, Shawn knew he had to take a deeper look at the conversion funnel: with over hundreds of categories and more than twenty-six thousand items, getting the shopper to the exact product they were looking for meant there was a great opportunity for merchandising, but where to start?

“Designed with purpose, keeping the audience in mind,”

In the face of fancy flashing promotions and designs, navigation can be undervalued as a merchandising tool.

Shawn continues to work on the most effective method to get shoppers to the most relevant products. He has streamlined the navigation and at the same time provides more options for shoppers to access hundreds of categories through a mega menu.

Agri Supply can also build seasonal category pages on the fly by leveraging the existing framework of their merchandising display logic. The merchandising tools in the platform allows Agri Supply to customize and dynamically populate their merchandising as they see fit.

This is especially important when shoppers navigate to categories where there are many products with similar looking product images. Examples include lawn mower blades that can be filtered by hole shape, brand, and length.

Attract Shoppers

Dynamic content makes making changes for organic search faster and easier

Shawn is empowered to change up his merchandising strategy at any time because he can structure the content and have it populate throughout his website.

Throughout the responsive redesign process, while the category and product page images and text look similar, the positioning of the structured data markup has changed on every page to help search engine optimization.

"Web developers and designers have to keep up with the latest advancements. KalioCommerce gives you the power to build and deploy in the browser, right in the platform and move faster."

Shawn Lowe

As Web Administrator of Agri Supply, Shawn manages all eCommerce solutions associated with Agri Supply. He creates and designs pages and campaigns, develops front and back end controls and snippets for functionality, and works on marketing, branding, and search engine optimization. His experience ranges from IBM, Choice Hotels, and RBS Lynk (now WorldPay), to many brick and mortar businesses. Shawn holds a degree in Web Technologies from Wake Tech and a Computer Science degree from Georgia Institute of Technology (formerly Georgia Tech University).

Agri Supply®

Agri Supply started as a family owned group of farm stores back in 1962 in Garner, North Carolina. Now, over 50 years later, Agri Supply has eight retail locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia; they release several unique catalogs per year; and have a thriving website with a huge product selection available. The Agri Supply product line has grown by leaps and bounds - from what began as only farm items, to agricultural supplies, hand and power tools, lawn and garden supplies, and more. Agri Supply now carries over 26,000 items and counting.
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