B2B & B2C eCommerce Platform Capabilities

Manage B2B and B2C eCommerce All on One Platform

KalioCommerce empowers B2B businesses with the ability to create consumer-friendly, rich experiences similar to a B2C site, while fulfilling all the important requirements unique to B2B eCommerce. With the eCommerce landscape continuously evolving, KalioCommerce helps eCommerce professionals innovate faster to generate more revenue with a unified on-demand B2B and B2C platform.

Key B2B eCommerce Platform Features

  • Flexible payment options, including purchase orders and buying on account
  • Account hierarchies
  • Customer specific pricing and products
  • Single items to pallets with price breaks
  • Hybrid B2B / B2C or closed B2B site
  • B2B2C — configure customer-specific portals
  • Web interface for common B2B functions (invoice history, PO history, order history)
  • Customers can select their own freight carrier
  • Bulk purchases / quick order forms
  • Multi-order pages versus single-order pages – streamlined experience reduces call center volume
  • Personalized experience based on customer
  • Address book
  • ERP integration — batch and real time
  • Ability to integrate with PunchOut cart vendors

Tailor B2B and B2B2C Microsites

Rapidly deploy personalized, dynamic B2B, B2C, and B2B2C microsites in one place. Create unique brand experiences for multiple sites in record time with flexible page layouts and extensible components that provide the infrastructure for all of your sites. Data driven tools then can be connected to show customers tailored content such as merchandise, logos, colors, and account representative information. Selecting specific products from a master catalog to display on a B2B2C site provides your business partners with the most relevant products for their shoppers. Business and shipping rules can also be leveraged across all of your sites to speed up site creation. Accelerate your business expansion with unified inventory, streamlined workflows, and integrated merchandising.

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