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  • 9% revenue increase year-over-year
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Faster and smarter workflows
  • More responsive to customers


Platform Restrictions Hold Back Innovation

The old "full service" platform forced Really Good Stuff to rely on the solution provider for everyday updates such as adjusting the look and feel of homepage content. Really Good Stuff wanted to complete basic marketing and merchandising tasks internally. This limited what their team could do and translated to significant wait times.

"We were impressed with how the KalioCommerce Platform was architected. The ability to access and modify the display code controls within KalioCommerce gave us the ability to quickly make modifications to the website without relying on a third party. As a result, we can be more responsive to the needs of our customer and better capitalize on new business opportunities as they arise.”

Larry Wasserman
Vice President of eCommerce
Really Good Stuff


More Flexibility to Launch Merchandising Strategies

Really Good Stuff chose KalioCommerce for the platforms extensibility. With KalioCommerce, Really Good Stuff can configure features such as the mega menu, as well as highlight categories, products, or promotions in the navigation. Shoppers find relevant products faster and the improved shopping experience decreases bounce rate and increases conversion rate.

Creating a relevant, fresh shopping experience is the key to Really Good Stuff’s growth. Data driven components give Really Good Stuff the ability to quickly create by leveraging scalable, smart page layouts that can be modified and applied site wide. Shoppers find products using the new easily adjustable faceted navigation that drills down categories by a variety of criteria such as type, price, and color. The top level category pages are dynamic, so their appearance can be universally changed. Intelligent components update category labels based on new product lines or product use.

Many of the web-hosted platforms simply answer the question of where your site servers will reside. However, once you modify the platform to address your specific business requirements you typically lose the ability to upgrade without undergoing a major site re-platform. On KalioCommerce, we regained development control specific to our business. Platform upgrades roll out on our existing site.

Larry Wasserman
Vice President of eCommerce
Really Good Stuff


9% Revenue Increase Year-over-Year

Really Good Stuff was able to grow revenue on KalioCommerce 9% year-over-year. The Really Good Stuff team now spends less time doing endless maintenance work and waiting on vendor changes, and invests more time in eCommerce strategy and business growth.

About Really Good Stuff

Since 1992, Really Good Stuff® has created products that help teachers make a difference in students' lives. If you are a teacher, or you buy teacher supplies, you may know us from our popular printed catalog. Our classroom supplies are exclusively sold in our catalogs and on our web site. Many of our quality products start with ideas shared from classrooms around the country. Many of our products are created by teachers, for teachers. We encourage new visitors to explore the site and find ways to add Really Good Stuff® to your classroom.


Educational Equipment and Supplies

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