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Designed By Catalogers to Help Catalogers Sell

KalioCommerce makes it easy for you to match back online sales to mailed catalogs. Track shopper behavior with easily accessible data on quick orders, key code entries, and specialized product purchases. Maximize sales by tracking which catalog generated every purchase.

Improve marketing attribution tracking with:

  • Catalog key code tracking at checkout for match back
  • Numbering variations of base product for catalog tracking
  • Real time integration for catalog requests

Boost sales with catalog functions including:

  • Catalog key codes captured separately from discount codes
  • Key codes and product numbers that trigger price lists and promotions
  • Catalog requests that trigger emails

Improve conversion rates and customer experience by leveraging:

  • Catalog request preferences
  • Catalog quick order
  • KalioWebEntry extension for customer service
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Give shoppers an optimized version of your site when they order with a mobile device. KalioCommerce's architecture enables unified responsive web design management which allow shoppers to easily complete a purchase while the product is still top of mind. Seamless integration and data flow between the platform, channels, and multi-branded sites means that one change can be applied with ease and speed to as many places utilizing extensible, agile components.

Catalog Merchants Grow Faster with KalioCommerce

Our site manager is powerful and flexible so your users can respond to changes and updates faster. Create merchandising, promotions, and catalog specific rules – updates such as new pricing or bulk key code import only take a few clicks.

KalioCommerce has worked with 100+ catalog merchants to grow their eCommerce businesses for over 15 years. Our eCommerce platform was developed with catalogers in mind.

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