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A Message from our CEO

Kalio: The “Boutique” eCommerce Platform Provider

Kalio is the “boutique” ecommerce platform provider for a select set of mid-market customers. We provide an enduring relationship that encompasses a flexible, enterprise-grade platform designed for “speed of change”, an intimately connected technology services team, and tailored cloud services for each of our customers. We’ve found this combination to be uniquely valuable for a certain type of online retailer. We’re not for the many, but we’re amazing for a select set of customers.

Choosing a new eCommerce platform provider for your mid-market business is a critical decision with serious consequences. Failed projects and disappointed customers are common. There are many different options with confusing claims. You need to choose the one that’s right for you. Your business is on the line.

Many mid-market etailers experience similar pain: you feel like a number to your platform provider; you have no voice with them; you have complex requirements and need a uniquely branded, high performing site amid constant change. Yet, you lack overall technical leadership and a full technology team, your site wish list is growing and you get finger pointing from the different parties involved. You’re afraid of falling behind your competition. You want to grow. Smaller etailers don’t have this problem. They’re fine with the simple but inflexible applications at the low end of the market. Neither do large etailers, who buy enterprise tool sets and hire full IT teams. Mid-market etailers are stuck in the middle – they require complexity but don’t have the resources to deal with it.

The source of this problem is that eCommerce platform vendors have constant pressure for growth and scaling. Rapid growth and customer intimacy are not compatible. Therefore, they need to pass their customers off to 3rd parties – systems integrators, agencies – that don’t have control over the platform or complete knowledge of it. You’re stuck managing multiple vendor relationships with differing agendas. What’s missing is a single intimate relationship with a “partner” who has the needed expertise, resources and technical control to assure success over many years. In contrast, Kalio is self-funded. We're in control of our own destiny. Our controlled growth business model allows us to engage fully as an intimate partner with focus on your success. We like what we do and we’re in it for the long haul. We provide a single source, “one throat to choke”, that simplifies your life and enables your team to go from “idea to revenue” much faster.

We’ve learned many important lessons in our 15 years as this market has matured, and these have led us to a business model that’s completely different from other platform providers. We will never add more customers than we can responsibly support with expert services. We’re looking for only a limited number of select new customers each year. If this pain and our solution resonates with you, we welcome an exploratory conversation.

Mark Richards, CEO