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Critical Overlooked Factors

In Selecting a Mid-market Ecommerce Platform

Selecting an ecommerce platform for a mid-market online retailer is a daunting challenge. There are many different claims and approaches. Yet, the market is littered with failed projects. What’s the secret? What’s your safety valve?

Most selection projects center around the latest features and functions of the product. We’ve learned that other factors are even more important to daily operations and are often overlooked.

  • Architected for Flexibility - Don’t make your selection based only on what you need today. Find out how easy is it to change the site’s pages and user experience. Does it require a software development process? What can’t be changed easily? Do customizations take you off the upgrade path?
  • Architected for Operational Efficiency - Underneath the features and functions you’ll see in a demo there are capabilities you’ll need to operate your site efficiently year after year. Many platforms will look nice on the surface but don’t measure up underneath.
  • Best-of-Breed vs. All-in-One - All-in-one systems promise integration across many back-office functions and the web site, yet many lack the flexibility needed by mid-market etailers. Consider the potential for bottlenecks and single points of failure in such a tighly integrated system versus the flexibility and independence of integrated best-of-breed systems.
  • Enterprise Integration Architecture - Look for an advanced integration management capability native to the platform that provides flexibility and visibility into each transaction.
  • The Implementation Team - Knowing EXACTLY WHO will be on your team and their proven skills on this exact platform is a critical success factor.
  • Relationship with Your Platform Provider - Consider your voice and relationship with the platform provider. Will they help you out of a tough spot, or are you just a number to them?

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