Message from our Chief Solutions Architect

Intimate Relationship, Extension of Your Team

Kalio doesn't pass you off to an agency or integrator and wish you luck. We can do all the services ourselves because we don’t need to scale software sales like all other platform vendors. No one has the expertise on our platform that we do. Because Kalio owns the whole solution stack – platform, services and cloud infrastructure – we can do things others can’t. For example, ongoing performance optimization requires coordinated tuning of the implementation, the platform and the cloud infrastructure. Your account team also provides your feedback to our platform engineering team, giving you a voice in our ongoing product development.

Our services team is experienced and stable. Many of our people have been with us over 10 years. This gives you continuity over time with people who have intimate knowledge of your business, your site and your people. We become an extension of your team with an account services team that’s dedicated to you.

Every account team is led by a senior Solutions Architect, who provides technical leadership and seasoned judgement about what to do and how to do it. Each customer is championed by a member of our executive team. This high-touch approach to customer relationships is unique among platform providers, enabling high velocity, quality and efficiency for our combined teams. It doesn’t allow us to scale rapidly and we’re fine with that.

Kim Planet, Chief Solutions Architect and VP Professional Services