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KalioCommerce Features

Data Management

A flourishing eCommerce site presents shoppers with reliable and informative data, which makes having access to refresh and update the data on your site paramount. KalioCommerce boasts powerful data import and export tools that give you flexibility to add, update, or move data in and out of your site.

Whether you just want to have a backup of your data or need to do a thorough review with mass updates, control of moving data — such as category data, membership preferences and product input attributes — in and out of your site is at your fingertips with our powerful data management tools.

Take control of the data-driven content on your site without risking the integrity of the system.

Advanced Capabilities to Help You Sell:

KalioCommerce features powerful yet simple import and export features that give you control and flexibility.

  • Categories
  • Associated categories
  • Category attributes
  • Category with subcategories
  • Inventories
  • Memberships and membership preferences
  • Offers
  • Pricing
  • Product associated categories
  • Product input attributes
  • Product specification attributes
  • Product groups, reviews, and updates
  • Shipping bans, restrictions, tiered charges, upcharges, zone charges
  • Tax tables
  • URL mapping

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