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Saddlery Shop Providing a Broad Selection to Riders & Competitors


Dover Saddlery’s online business has grown from a small “web presence” to become a major contributor to their overall revenue. Dover’s ecommerce division is an integral component of their overall business strategy. Their site not only contributes to branding the image of Dover Saddlery, but also provides a unique user experience that is committed to the loyal clientele of horse riding enthusiasts. Dover is a long-time customer of the KalioCommerce platform. Their executive and ecommerce teams work closely with Kalio on initiatives to drive Dover’s revenue growth.

We are excited about the advancements KalioCommerce has made to its platform. KalioCommerce makes it possible to change our site quickly and efficiently – without being tied to IT or development resources. This has made it easier for us to respond to seasonal changes and highlight hot products. The result has been increasing conversion rates and simplified ecommerce operations.

Vice President of Marketing, Dover Saddlery

Customer Story

Director of ecommerce at Dover Saddlery recommends KalioCommerce for mid-market companies.

KalioCommerce makes her team more efficient. In turn, shoppers get better experiences as a direct result of the flexibility that allows her team to implement tools or functionality on the ecommerce platform. Additionally, KalioCommerce helps power multiple brands for her company including Dover Saddlery and Dressage Extensions.

Compared to Magento, she mentions that the KalioCommerce ecommerce platform allows greater access so that Dover Saddlery can customize the solution to their business needs. Her team has complete access to all areas of the platform. The marketing team can go much deeper beyond templates and data which offers far more flexibility than many platforms. The platform is much more robust, handles huge, sophisticated product catalogs, and is much more agile. Her team is also able to support the merchandising strategies they choose, and the platform integrations are extensible.

She also likes that KalioCommerce has wonderful customer service and that the ecommerce consultants are there to help her solve issues, implement various functionality, and also share the latest insights and research to help her business grow.

She states that for Dover Saddlery, KalioCommerce is more than just a platform, but an entire organization focused on helping their company grow and improve. The combined insights of KalioCommerce working with multiple Internet Retailer 1000 companies is an additional benefit of the ROI she sees when she works with KalioCommerce. Her company can move quicker in an ever-changing field with Kalio as an extension of her ecommerce team. Combined with the flexibility, dependability, and intuitiveness of the platform, picking Kalio is a no-brainer.

Dover Saddlery

Dover Saddlery was founded in 1975 by Jim and David Powers, former members of USET 3-Day Event Team. After returning from the Olympic Games in Germany in 1972, Jim Powers felt that riders in New England would appreciate a saddlery shop dedicated to providing a broad selection of the best tack available. Today, Dover has a prosperous online store, a legendary catalog, and retail stores throughout the United States. Many of Dover’s personnel are active riders and competitors, using their understanding of horses and the sport to better serve the equestrian customer.

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