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Tailored Cloud Services

To grow in a competitive market, mid-market ecommerce sites need high performance: fast response times, high uptime, scalability and security, all while undergoing constant change. Kalio's Cloud Managed Services provides a tailored solution for each customer in accordance with our full-service boutique philosophy. Kalio manages a scalable cloud infrastructure built on world-leading Amazon Web Services, providing a platform for scalability, flexibility and ongoing innovation.

Kalio sites are architected for High Availability. In addition to having redundant load-balanced web servers, database servers will automatically fail over to mirrored servers in a different availability zone if interrupted.

Kalio's sites experience 99.99% uptime and are monitored 24x7 for rapid response to any infrastructure issues. Our rigorous change management procedures insure stability in a constantly-changing internet environment. The KalioCommerce platform is architected so that data imports/exports, new software deployments and site changes can all be performed without impacting site performance or requiring downtime.

Unique, customized sites don't perform well with a one-size-fits-all infrastructure. Performance can change over time as the site evolves. Kalio provides cloud infrastructure and services tailored to each customer to ensure high performance. Your dedicated account team will meet with you regularly to present findings and any changes recommended to maintain high performance. Our cloud engineers have the tools and processes to track exactly what's going on with your site, speeding the diagnosis and resolution of any issues.

Kalio provides highly-tailored monitoring of processes important to your business. These can be different for each customer to meet specific business needs. In addition to standard metrics we track for all customers, we'll set up monitors for any critical processes specific to your site.

Disruptive bots are a growing challenge to the performance of all ecommerce sites. Some bots are desired, and some are clearly unwanted. We have the ability to manage both good and bad bots uniquely for each customer. Kalio's team consults with each customer to understand any traffic anomalies and how to handle them. Foreign countries, other internet segments or bad actors can be blocked for each customer, as needed.

Security is of paramount importance. Some of Kalio's security measures include:

  • Kalio maintains PCI compliance as a Level-1 Service Provider and undergoes annual third-party assessments to insure compliance.
  • Kalio employs a 24x7 Security Operations Center to manage edge security devices and processes.
  • Our industry-leading DDOS Prevention (Distributed Denial of Service) solution will be deployed within minutes if a DDOS attack is detected.
  • Web Application Firewall is deployed to filter out attack signatures and malicious traffic so they never hit your site.
  • We maintain your TLS site security certificates and renewals to prevent accidental lapses that could make your site unavailable.
  • To prevent unauthorized access to the Kalio Site Manager, along with unique accounts and passwords we maintain location-based whitelisting for corporate office access and multi-factor authentication VPN access for other remote access.