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Ensure Every Inquiry Turns Into a Sale

Arm your customer service representatives with the ability to best serve customers and close orders fast.

KalioWebEntry is a simple, easy to use web order entry extension to KalioCommerce that helps your reps enter, adjust, and complete orders fast. If you have a call center service supporting your eCommerce site or other channels, KalioWebEntry is the natural extension to KalioCommerce.

Call Center Order Management Is Now Streamlined

The KalioWebEntry extension is a web-based interface to support your call center order entry activities. Each of your representatives can easily help a customer place an order during any point of their shopping experience – whether the customer is in the middle of a transaction, browsing from a mobile or tablet device, or inquiring about specific product SKU numbers. KalioWebEntry can handle quick order to expedite processing or can enable your reps to shop the site while tracking and maintaining all caller information for billing and shipping. Each representative is provided with a unique, secure login which enables complete tracking and auditing of orders and well as light CRM capabilities to add comments and track activity history for all orders.

Full Featured Yet Intuitive

KalioWebEntry leverages the full capabilities of KalioCommerce, putting the power in the hands of your call center, customer service department, or inside sales representatives. KalioWebEntry is fully synchronized with your store, ensuring every business rule is consistent. Data validation, customer account management, and order processing all happen through the same back end as your KalioCommerce store. If and when necessary, representatives with higher access levels can adjust or override pricing and shipping costs to ensure every customer interaction is a success.

Key Features:

  • The web-based interface is easy to use and easy to train. KalioWebEntry easily accommodates staff members who are full or part-time, low volume or high, or only available in peak season. Because the interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use, training requires no more than an hour.

  • CSRs have access to all web assets for a product such as alternate photos and specifications. Because KalioWebEntry is tightly integrated to KalioCommerce, absolutely everything that a consumer sees on the eCommerce site is also available through the order entry interface.

  • Promotions, prices, and all business rules are the same as your online store. This reduces conflicts, inefficient customer service calls, and returns.

  • Security and audit trails keep workflow clean and transparent. Permission levels for each user ensure certain profiles have the necessary control to override pricing, and admin users are able to audit each and every order.

  • Light CRM capabilities are available for tracking customer information.

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