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KalioCommerce Features


Power to the eCommerce Professional

Where did this word come from?

The idea is that our products combine the ease of use of an application with the openness and ability to customize of a platform. Thus, AppliForm™.

AppliForm™ is a vision and philosophy by which we drive our product and service offering and their capabilities. The purpose of AppliForm™ is to give “power to the eCommerce professional”, to reduce reliance on IT for running an eCommerce business, and to reduce the skill requirements and time to affect and respond to change.

CTO, Nanda Kaushik, shares his views as the lead technologist on the design and development of Kalio’s next generation technology:

Top tier eCommerce software platforms try to give the power and control over the site to the IT department. The software requires database and programmers to operate and make changes. This makes sense because they are catering to larger companies that can afford big, expensive IT departments. We built KalioCommerce for mid-market companies that don't have these kinds of IT departments. We give the power to the commerce professional.

KalioCommerce shifts the power to the eCommerce professional. With its philosophy to make everything available through the site management interface, eCommerce professionals have access to all business functions and product catalog information for their online store.

AppliForm™ manifests itself in many ways in our products, all aimed at supporting our mission to transform ideas into revenue faster. Overall, this leads to substantial time and cost savings, as well as ensuring you stay competitive.

Making changes is simplified by our configuration technology versus custom programming.

AppliForm™ combines the ‘best of both worlds’ between rapid execution of a template, and the flexibility and control of custom development. In KalioCommerce, we achieve this through configuration.

Implementation and on-going changes are made through configuration management in our Site Manager. This is a user interface that merchandisers and eCommerce managers access and interact with. It provides that power, control and flexibility to design and execute changes fast.

Implementing new initiatives like subsites, landing pages, mobile, and social is much easier and faster with our reusable components architecture.

Reusable components address the calendar time and maybe expense associated with creating a new feature for a site. In today’s custom development world, each new feature must be developed from scratch. Reusable components are a foundational capability of the technology that specifically contributes to speed of change. Commerce professionals can quickly deploy site improvements or modifications by using or replicating these components rather than having to ‘rebuild’ or code desired changes.

Reduce the cycle time to put changes into production with our Change Management console.

From concept to implementation, to testing and releasing to production, it can all be tracked and handled through the application interface. Our unique change management, and multi-tenant, architecture enables all of the above to move from concept, to test and production with fewer steps and external dependencies than any other technology on the market. This, once again, demonstrates how AppliForm™ contributes to allowing you to Do What you Want, When You Want.

Productized integrations give you the best and most reliable tools for selling online.

Our Integration Console, not only provides our users with packaged integration for Adaptors (OMS/ERP) and Connectors (third party point solutions) but more importantly a dashboard-like console to monitor and track exactly what is happening with the connectivity of their systems and applications that drive their online business. Integrations are no longer a ‘black box’, and one time code that require a highly-paid development engineer to troubleshoot anytime something seems to have gone wrong.

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