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Implementation Services

The risk of implementing a new ecommerce platform is high. This prevents many companies from taking the plunge even when they know their current platform is holding them back. Their fear is well founded. The industry is littered with failed implementation projects. Some never finish and are abandoned. Others fail to deliver important functionality as promised. Software providers and their implementation partners often over-promise and under-deliver.

Kalio provides reliable, predictable, trustworthy implementation services. In over 15 years serving the mid-market, we’ve certainly earned some battle scars, but we have never had a failed implementation. Over the years we've built a team that is first rate, with hundreds of complex, unique mid-market projects under their belt. Kalio will deliver the site we promised, on time and on budget. There are several important reasons that we can confidently make this claim.

Kalio owns the full solution stack: a flexible enterprise-grade platform, full services team and tailored cloud services. We have intimate knowledge of our platform capabilities and best practices like no third-party agency could ever have. That's why we do all implementation work ourselves. We can also tweak the platform, if necessary, during the project to solve problems needed for your solution. This gives us unique flexibility and control. You won't get stuck or experience finger-pointing between different companies providing different parts of the solution. We're accountable for the result and have the control needed to ensure success.

This includes integration with your back-end (ERP/OMS) systems and third-party solutions you may need. Kalio has a world-class integration architecture that allows us to integrate easily with major platforms and custom systems. This is never a bottleneck or major expense during the implementation project. We do first-in-kind integrations all the time without any concern and can accommodate customer-specific requests to our standard integration adapters.

You get the right consulting team on your project. You get our A team. We don't have a B team. We've spent years curating a team with the right skills and commitment to success. We never take on more business than we can responsibly fulfill. We can do this because of the managed-growth philosophy that's fundamental to our business model. Your implementation team will consist of people competent in all technology roles. Each will be skilled on our platform and not learning on your dime. These include:

  • Solutions Architect - This person is an experienced ecommerce project leader and who knows what it takes to bring a unique, complex site live, has deep understanding of technology, owns the result and will drive for the necessary decisions, raising red flags early.
  • Front-End Developer - Owns the design, user interface and user experience, will interact constantly with your team as the site is iteratively designed
  • Back-end Developer – Owns integrations, data feeds, and supports the Front-End Developer as needed.
  • Project Manager - Minding the details, task assignments, schedules and updates. Carefully tracks money spent versus budget and keeps all parties appraised of progress and issues.

Before launching a project, we make sure we have the right resources from your company to ensure success. Each project is a 50/50 responsibility between you and Kalio. No one knows your business like you and your ecommerce team. Consultants cannot take the place of your knowledgeable staff holding their necessary roles in the project. We need full collaboration to succeed - one blended team.

Your team will need sufficient time away from their day jobs. We'll need quick decision turnaround and the ability to prioritize what's important for the initial launch versus what can be added later. Creeping project scope from a continuing stream of new requirements dooms many projects. Distracted customer teams trigger cost overages as decisions are forgotten or re-thought and time is spent re-training in the worst of cases. We’ve learned over the years that having the right focused team working together in a short period of time is ideal to achieve a successful implementation.

Think of the implementation as the beginning, not the end. To compete effectively, your site will need to change constantly. The same Kalio team from your implementation project, that now knows your site intimately, will continue to support you with ongoing changes and projects. You won't experience the breakdown inherent in handing off support to a new team that doesn't know your people or understand your business processes and the technical details. Your extended team will already be ramped up and ready to take on the future.