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  • Fashion & Apparel

    Conversions bloom when shoppers can quickly discover the perfect style, color, and size. Kalio delivers the tools to craft your latest lookbook with ease and speed. Be free of templates and tailor the ideal look even faster with flexible page layouts that leverage extensible components. When merchandising and marketing match as well as your bottoms and tops, you can swiftly change sale signals and hot product indicators inside product pages to captivate your adoring shoppers.

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Help Shoppers Discover the Latest Trend

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Shoppers will bounce if they cannot find the right products. With Kalio, you have the power to transform ideas into revenue faster so your shoppers can get to the hottest trends:

  • Accelerate Launch and Updates for Multiple Brand Sites
  • Arrange Sophisticated Multiple Mix and Match Color Facets and Product Sizes
  • Display Brand Specific Landing Pages and Business Rules
  • Design Product Finder Tools
  • Launch Any Kind of Product Promotion and Product Bundle
  • Entice Shoppers with Sales Signals by Season, Promotion, Best Seller, New Products, and Gifts
  • Easy to Order Samples
  • Expand on Tested Ajax & Multi-Select Technology Libraries


Omni-Channel, Multi-Brand, Multi-Site

    Kalio is built to smoothly operate even on the busiest runway days:
    • Advanced Business Rules with Logistical Store/Warehouse Order Inventory Routing
    • Responsive Web Design
    • KalioWebEntry for Store and Customer Associates
    • DM/Catalogue Key Code Match Back for Marketing Attribution
    • Integrate Digital Marketing Efforts with KalioMail and Abandoned Cart Capture
    • Provide Store Locators
    • Tier-1 PCI Level 1 Hosting Infrastructure
    • Enterprise-class ERP/OMS Pre-built Integration with Microsoft, Sage, and more


    Find the Right Match — Dynamic Merchandising

    Uh-oh. Is the product information up to date in one place, but not another?

    Ensure products appear in the right category. Product cubes help merchandisers save hours by dynamically populating product data across the entire site.

    Shoppers find the most relevant products when navigation is easy. For example, finding the right makeup, skin care, and tools inside the appropriate subcategories, such as eyes, lip, and face.

    Instead of manually updating site information, automate the process with data-driven navigation and eCommerce features.


    High Definition Product Content Captivates New Shoppers

    How fine are the finest minerals in the world? Shoppers want to see the details and know if the product will complement the look they are searching for. Besides quick look product views, multiple parent and child product videos, rating and reviews, mega menus, and a content delivery network (CDN) for the fastest page load times — shoppers also enjoy engaging features such as Facebook integration, Facebook “Like” buttons, Facebook OpenGraph meta, and gift (cards, messages and wrap).


    The Power to Always Have a Fresh Lookbook

    Free your artists. Rather than using chunks of loose, mismatched code, KalioCommerce is fashioned with flexible page layouts that leverage extensible components. Apply the particular style of your choice onto all of your models at once. Now that’s creative control and power.

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