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  • Equipment & Supplies

    Equipment and supplies sites have hundreds of categories and thousands of products. Help shoppers quickly discover what they need with relevant and fresh merchandising and marketing strategies. Your site dynamically updates with your latest merchandising endeavors on our platform's data-driven, extensible architecture. Kalio's eCommerce platform gives you the power to rapidly innovate your unique brand experience and accelerate growth.


Multi-Brand, Multi-Site, or Micro-Sites

Multi-brand management is a breeze with interchangeable components. Stream-line new site build out, updates, and maintenance on Kalio’s interconnected platform. New innovations and designs on one site can be quickly leverage across all your sites. You have the power and flexibility to transform ideas into revenue faster with AppliForm.


Sophisticated Business Rules for Special Products

Certain products require special handling such as temperature requirements, maximum purchase quantity, and shipping and state restrictions. Sophisticated merchandising rules maximizes your team’s productivity by automating much of the manual order workflows.


Advanced Shipping Rules

In addition, sophisticated merchandising rules can be applied deep down into the product variations. Each product variation could have separate levels of shipping complexities, such as quantity at primary and secondary warehouse locations, assembly time, specified size and weight shipping carriers, and special handling instructions.

Pricing Models

Intricate Pricing Models - Bulk Discounts / Price Breaks for Larger Quantities

Tailor specific pricing and products for different shoppers even with sophisticated product relationships.


Promotions and Scalable Merchandising Sales Signals

Guide your shoppers to the right product with scalable merchandising sale signals and promotions. Segment, highlight, and update your on-sale, best-selling, new, and unique products throughout your site. Fast and flexible merchandising supplements how quickly your team can deploy marketing campaigns.


Personalize Products with Previews

Shoppers can customize products in real-time with the advanced personalized previews. Beyond fixed text personalization, shoppers can tailor their product to display images, text height, and colors in various locations.

Color Swatches

Agilely Display Color Swatches in Product Pages

Show how your product would look in the exact color your shopper selects. Faster page load time means higher conversion with advanced imaging and content delivery network (CDN) integration built into Kalio’s platform.

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