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Kalio's Unique Business Model

No venture capital or private equity investors.

Kalio is a self-funded private company and will stay that way. We have no VC or Private Equity investors to satisfy. We don't need to grow rapidly. Outside funding changes the point of the game and the criteria for every decision. From a customer perspective, it's a de-stabilizer. We don't need it and we're a better partner for it. We're focused on helping our customers grow rather than raising capital or finding a buyer. We're financially sound and stable, and unlike many platform providers, we're here to stay.

You'll never be just a number to us.

As a boutique provider, we serve a specific set of customers, and add only as many as we can responsibly support with expert, intimate care. We're committed to this model, so ensuring a mutual fit is a high priority. We love what we do and who we're working with. We're good at it and we're in it for the long haul. Every customer works with our A team (we don't have a B team) and has a voice with us. We're staffed with ecommerce technology experts whose tenure proves their commitment to our vision.

One throat to choke.

We have control over the whole solution stack. The software platform, professional services and cloud managed services (performance, uptime and security) all come from the same customer-focused company. This combination gives our customers accountability and results, not excuses and finger-pointing.