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Kalio's Unique Value Proposition

Kalio's difference is the combination of great technology and an intimate partnering relationship, enabled by our unique business model.

Intimate partner, extension of your team.

A highly interactive, trusted partner can provide the technical leadership and fulfillment engine many mid-market etailers need but wouldn't hire full time. We become a true extension of the eCommerce team, not outsiders, working daily with your marketing and merchandising experts to drive growth.

Enterprise-grade technology platform architected for flexibility.

Our Silicon Valley-based engineers designed our KalioCommerce platform to be scalable and flexible enough to serve larger enterprises so our mid-market customers don't need to worry about running into limitations that stunt their growth. Yet resource-strapped mid-market businesses must be able to manage and modify it quickly and affordably. KalioCommerce is built for manageability and speed of change. It's delivered via the industry-leading AWS cloud infrastructure and secured by PCI experts.

Dedicated expert services team that knows your business.

Just hiring a web programmer doesn't cut it for a complex eCommerce business. Several unique roles are required to staff an expert eCommerce technology team: Solution Architect, Front-end Developer/Designer, Project Manager, Back-end Developer. For mid-market etailers, it isn't practical to hire all these roles and they're not needed full time. Still, the team must know your business, your people and your site, intimately. Kalio provides each customer with a virtual team staffed with named people you'll grow to trust as your own team members.

We select our customers as carefully as they select us.

We don't drive for rapid growth that would prohibit us from customer intimacy. We engage with only a few new customers each year, and must choose carefully to ensure that each is a great fit. As each new prospective customer evaluates us, we also evaluate them and assess our ability to create a long-term win-win relationship.