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KalioCommerceâ„¢ Features

Order History

Give Customers the Information and Service They Desire

KalioCommerce serves both B2C and B2B online businesses. In either case there's a lot of activity that happens from the time your customers place on order on your website, to the point where it arrives to its destination. KalioCommerce gives you and your customers (via authentication or order details) full and easy access to all of the order information to help provide an excellent user experience.

KalioCommerce is not an order management system, but through its tight integration with ERP and order management systems, it provides access and display of important information to help your customers execute and track their transactions. These details include order status, shipment, tracking codes, order preferences, credit on account, and much more.

See single order details such as order status, and account information, as well as customer order history, account balances, payment on account options, and more.

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