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Platform Technology

The Power of Kalio's architecture is its flexibility that enables “speed of change”.

Power of architecture.

Evaluating a platform and using a platform are two very different things. When it's time to re-platform, people often look for the latest bells, whistles and technology buzzwords. Sure, features are important and Kalio has an enterprise-class feature set. But more important to the success of day-to-day operations is the strength and flexibility of our platform architecture that supports rapid, continuous change, enabling the team to keep up and not fall behind. We've encountered platforms that sport a nice user interface, but are difficult to modify and paper thin in terms of capabilities that make a difference in daily life.

Our architecture is fundamentally different than other mid-market eCommerce platforms. We've built a clear line between platform and implementation. The platform does not in any way dictate the user experience of the web site, which gives us unique flexibility. Changes will be faster, more inexpensive, and under your control. You'll avoid the complexity and risk of programming with APIs and conflicting plug-ins, which can be technology nightmares. Site customizations never require changes to the platform so you can't get off of the upgrade path. This degree of separation and supported independence in our platform architecture is unmatched in any other mid-market platform.

As the only boutique ecommerce technology provider, we build our technology for our select customers, not for the diverse needs of the masses. This laser focus allows us to provide unique flexibility and value to our customers.

Mike Wachner
CTO, KalioCommerce