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The “Vendor” Relationship Problem

What's wrong with a “Vendor” relationship?

“Vendor” relationships are normal in industry and they work fine where the consequence is low. But the risks and consequences for an eCommerce platform are high. Revenue, reputation, liability, customer retention and competitive position can be harmed quickly. Risks include downtime, poor performance, security breaches, lack of reliability, awkward user experience and bottlenecks to change. You've got too much on the line with your eCommerce platform to risk a “Vendor” relationship.

The risk of falling behind.

In our experience, it is the lack of capabilities in the extended team, and not the technology, that causes the change queue to grow and the site to fall behind. We trace this pain directly back to “Vendor” relationships with providers and lack of expert technical leadership and resources.

Kalio's claim:

It is not possible to take care of the concerns of a mid-market ecommerce business with a “Vendor” relationship. Technology alone won't do it. An intimate “Partner” relationship with an amazing team is required. Working with a partner is a very different experience and selecting one requires a completely different approach, with as much emphasis on the team's expertise and support structure as on the platform's capability.

Because of Kalio's unique business model, our philosophy of service and selective market focus, we can offer a unique value proposition to our customers.