Catalogers & Specialty Retailers

Whether it’s in stores, print, or online, creating an outstanding customer experience is a must for today’s catalogers and specialty retailers. At Kalio, we help our customers do just that.

We specialize in creating omnichannel experiences that are seamless and user-friendly. We also allow you to create shopping experiences that reflect your brand and can showcase the products you offer.

Product Configurators / Product Finders

Complicated products with multiple components can be difficult for consumers to purchase in a typical ecommerce storefront. Sometimes, they need to be guided, in order to find the best possible solution for their needs. Kalio has helped numerous customers develop such tools and incorporate them within their online shopping experience.

Screenshot of product finders
product refinement tool

Visual Attributes, Dynamic Product Refinements

Utilize visual elements and dynamically refine your product listing pages so your customers can simply and quickly find the products they need. With Kalio, you’re not locked in to set templates or permanent refinement categories. Refine by seasonality, stock availability, material type, and more. Create the experience that’s relevant for your business!

Web Order Entry

Just like the continued usage of print catalogs, not everyone wants to place their order online. However, traditional ERP order-entry systems can be difficult and cumbersome to use. That’s why we created a web-based order entry solution that will allow your customer service representatives to quickly process orders using the underlying business logic of Kalio’s ecommerce system.

Screenshot of web order entry

Catalog Request & Quick Order Forms

We know that catalogs and other forms of print media can still be effective marketing vehicles, because our customers continue to use them successfully. Kalio supports these efforts by offering a seamless, omnichannel, experience whereby ecommerce shoppers can request print catalogs online or quickly build online shopping carts when ordering from a paper catalog.

Key Code, Unique Promo Code Capture

Understanding how your marketing dollars impact your sales is imperative in an omnichannel world. At Kalio, we’ve worked with customers to enable key code capture upon website entry or during checkout to help inform their marketing attribution metrics. We also support unique promotional codes so companies can target customer segments, brands, product types or any other attribute they wish to promote.