Ecommerce Features

Kalio Commerce offers the features you’ll need to deliver a first-rate ecommerce experience to your customers. From complex promotion-building capabilities to advanced merchandising controls to a seamless checkout flow, Kalio Commerce can help you craft an online experience that delivers for both your customers and your business.

Marketing & Promotions

With an SEO-friendly architecture, a powerful promotions engine, robust cross-sell and upsell capabilities and numerous other features, Kalio Commerce helps you attract customers and maximize the value of each site visit.

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Merchandising & Catalog Management

Designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, our platform supports the creation of rich product content, unlimited attributes and configurable product assortments. With multiple data import options, Kalio Commerce makes it easy to onboard and configure your products so you can start driving revenue faster.

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Navigation & Categorization

Helping your customers find the products they’re looking for quickly and easily is critical to the success of your ecommerce business. We’ve designed Kalio Commerce to provide you with the ability to categorize your store in the manner best-suited to meet your customer’s shopping needs.

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Site Search

With Kalio Commerce’s built-in search capabilities, your customers can benefit from a quick and seamless search experience. Built on our powerful search technology, you’ll benefit from the ability to customize and precisely tune your search results leading to better customer outcomes and increased conversion rates.

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The heart of any ecommerce solution, Kalio Commerce’s checkout capabilities are built to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. Our checkout solution is customizable so as to meet your unique business requirements and supports numerous payment options covering both B2C and B2B purchases.

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Site Design

A shared ecommerce platform doesn’t mean you need to lose your identity. Create a look and feel that is unique to your brand. With Kalio Commerce you won’t be locked into a specific design template unless you want to be. And even then, your customers will still recognize the brand identity that makes your business unique.

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Kalio Commerce is a powerful ecommerce solution designed to meet the demanding needs of mid-market companies. Employing a modern, comprehensive, management console you don’t need to be a programmer to make site changes. With a built-in self-serve customer support solution and a flexible architecture that makes data integrations seamless, Kalio Commerce is a robust, ecommerce solution designed to grow and scale with your business.

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