Food & Gift

Selling perishable products and delivering gift orders requires specialized ecommerce capabilities designed specifically for those tasks.

Kalio has worked with companies in this sector to help deliver exceptional customer experiences. Let us help your business deliver an ecommerce experience that exceeds your customers expectations.

Personalized Gift Messaging

What’s a gift if it’s not personal? Kalio lets your customers configure and personalize gifts right from the product detail page. Uploading logos, images, or sending a message are all possible with Kalio. We can help you create a gifting experience that’s truly unique and personal.

Screenshot of personalized gift messaging
Screenshot of gift lists

Gift Lists

Make it easy for your customers to build and fulfill their gift giving needs. Kalio offers pre-built capabilities that allows shoppers to create a list of gift recipients, their contact information, and selected gifts. These lists can be stored securely, allowing them to come back and readily send future gifts without having to start from scratch.

Requested Delivery Timeframes

Sometimes, 2-day shipping is not the best option. Seasonal product considerations, upcoming events (birthdays, holidays), and travel mean that it’s best for a package to arrive when you want it to, not the fastest way possible. Kalio helps solve that problem by enabling requested delivery date functionality so that your customers can choose the delivery timeframe that’s right for them!

Screenshot of delivery timeframes
Screenshot of configurable product kits

Configurable Product Kits

With hundreds, possibly thousands of product SKU’s, its virtually impossible to anticipate every combination of products that your customers may desire. With configurable product kits, Kalio makes it easy for you to group products by similar attributes (e.g.: product type, price range, cost margins, etc.) and then allow your customers to create their own configurable product bundles. Your ecommerce team will be happy, and so will your customers!

Multiple Ship-To Capabilities

Buy once, send to multiple recipients. Our ecommerce solution allows your customers to complete their shopping in one session while delivering to multiple locations. Each gift item can be individually messaged and shipped to a different unique recipient. All from one shopping cart. Making for a better ecommerce experience for your customers.

Screenshot of shopping cart showing multiple ship-to capabilities