An Enterprise-Grade Platform

Kalio Commerce’s enterprise-grade architecture is fundamentally different than other ecommerce platforms. By separating the platform from the presentation layer, we offer you full control over your website’s user experience. Changes can be made faster and with less cost. This degree of separation and supported independence in our platform architecture is unmatched in any other mid-market platform.

A Flexible, Scalable Architecture

Kalio Commerce is based on a multi-tenant SaaS architecture. That means we utilize a common software environment across all of our customers in a cloud-hosted setting. This enables us to readily scale the application as needed and creates efficiencies that are shared by all of our customers.

Illustration depicting a flexible, scalable architecture

The Benefit to You

Lower Costs

Via faster updates, reduced maintenance and shared hardware resources.

Easy Upgrades

Through a single, centralized application that reduces overall complexity.

Improved Performance

Utilizing a shared technology stack enhances our ability to optimize speed, resource utilization, and response times.


A common infrastructure allows us to add capacity and allocate it as needed more efficiently than individually hosted sites.

Customizable and Future-Proofed

While sharing common features and cost efficiencies are central to our business model, we also realize that we need to let you be you. That’s why we separated our presentation layer from our underlying codebase. This allows our customers to customize their website as they see fit without ever going off the upgrade path. Say goodbye to legacy software and say hello to a future-proofed ecommerce solution.

Illustration depicting customizable and future-proofe capabilities

The Benefit to You

Maximum flexibility

Modify your site appearance and add new capabilities tailored to your specific business requirements.

Regular Site Updates

We introduce new site enhancements regularly to ensure your ecommerce experience stays up-to-date.

Never Miss an Upgrade

Our unique technical architecture ensures that customizations never take you off the upgrade path.


With on-demand scalability, backward-compatible upgrades and technology-agnostic API's, we're in this with you for the long-term.

Enterprise-Class Data, Integration & Auditing Capabilities

Data is the underlying component of ecommerce. It’s what drives outstanding ecommerce experiences. That’s why we’ve developed a scalable and flexible data schema to handle virtually any circumstance. Every customer is unique and the ability to process and integrate data quickly and easily, no matter the format, is at the core of what we do.

Illustration depicting data, integration and auditing capabilities

The Benefit to You

Flexible Data Schema

We can accept data in numerous ways to help ease your product onboarding.

Unlimited Data Attributes

Need to add a new product attribute? Go ahead. Knock yourself out. At Kalio, there are no limits on the number of attributes you can add.

Batch & Real-time Integrations

Whether it's a pre-existing or first-in-kind integration, our flexible data architecture can handle any situation.

Monitoring & Version Control

Our Business Activity and Process monitors provide full visibility into all integration and batch data imports. And our Version Control tool allows you to roll back a site update should you need to.