Speed is at Our Core​

Change is no longer measured in decades or even years. It is happening in months, weeks, or days now. The ability to keep pace is critical to a company’s long-term success.

That’s why speed is at the core of everything we do here at Kalio.

However, speed is more than just site performance. It’s about taking advantage of market opportunities, accelerating revenue growth and reducing project risk. That’s why we’ve designed our ecommerce platform, and our entire organization, to respond quickly so that our customers can respond to change and maximize their growth potential.

Our Focus Is Centered on 3 Primary Areas:

1. Speed of Implementation

  • Kalio is architected on a modern, SaaS-based, platform that’s designed for quick onboarding
  • With pre-defined integration points, our onboarding process runs faster than traditional ecommerce implementations
  • Serving as a single partner for your ecommerce platform, cloud management and professional services needs, working with Kalio is more efficient than utilizing multiple technology partners
56% less integration time with Kalio Commerce
A one second improvement in site speed equals a $7,000/day gain for a $100,000/day site

2. Site Speed/Performance

  • A fast website is essential to your ecommerce success
    • Faster page load speeds reduce bounce rates, increases conversions and improves SEO performance
  • Kalio utilizes site hosting that delivers; with an integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) & multiple layers of content & data caching to help ensure optimal page performance
  • To further increase speed, we focus on optimizing 3rd-party tags, utilize sitewide image compression and ensure the lazy-loading of images
  • With full control over the platform, cloud hosting environment and all website pages, Kalio can deliver maximum efficiency and increased site speed vs. more fragmented solutions

3. Speed of Growth

  • Launching a new website is not the end of the journey, but rather the start of one
  • The ability to evolve and take advantage of market changes and new revenue opportunities is critical to your long-term success
  • To help you keep pace, Kalio is built with architectural flexibility in mind
  • Integrations with 3rd-party backend software for inventory, real-time tax, payment authorization and address verification are leveraged to find just the right balance, and “harmony”, between systems so new features can be introduced with minimal development work
  • In addition, Kalio’s powerful Site Manager and flexible front-end development capabilities are clearly delineated from the underlying platform code allowing for key updates to be made in minutes and/or hours – not weeks
The Faster the Response, The Greater the Opportunity