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Kalio’s Ecommerce Gift List Capabilities

Hale Groves homepage

Hale Groves Unique Ecommerce Gift List Request

For certain companies, having strong ecommerce gifting capabilities is not just a 4th quarter desire but a year-round necessity. While many ecommerce platforms provide varying levels of gift-giving capabilities including gift messaging, multiple ship-to options, registries, etc., sometimes it’s crucial to be able to tailor these capabilities to a customer’s exact business needs.

Kalio specializes in being able to develop custom features for its customers.

One of those customers, Hale Groves, is a year-round supplier of seasonal gift and fruit baskets. They have numerous corporate as well as individual accounts who routinely send gifts to their respective customers and/or friends. Rather than having to re-build these gift lists each and every time, Hale Groves wanted to provide their customers an easy way to select previous gift lists, make any necessary modifications regarding product and/or recipients, and then add everything to their cart with one button.

Sixteen Previous Ecommerce Solutions Couldn’t Deliver

Hale Groves explored 16 different ecommerce solutions looking for someone that could deliver on that promise. None of them could meet their exacting requirements.

Until they met Kalio Commerce.

Kalio’s unique, singular ownership of our ecommerce platform, cloud infrastructure, and implementation services allows us to craft solutions that are precisely tailored to your business needs. All while maintaining the ease-of-use and platform upgradability of a modern, SaaS-based, ecommerce solution.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Gift List solution we built for Hale Groves.


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