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Topic: Replatforming

The Circle of (E-Commerce) Implementation

In our previous articles on ecommerce replatforming we’ve explored knowing: when it’s time to replatform, planning for the selection of a new ecommerce solution, and how to run the selection process itself. In the 4th and final article of our series on

Platform Selection (Ditch that RFP!)

In our previous articles on ecommerce replatforming we’ve looked at knowing when it’s time to replatform and then how to prepare for a platform selection process. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the selection process itself. We’ll explore the

I Don’t Believe in Luck, I Believe in Preparation

In the first part of our series on ecommerce replatforming, we explored the signs, and potential concerns, that indicate it’s time to upgrade your ecommerce solution. Assuming you’ve reached the decision to move ahead, the next step on the journey is to

Is There Ever a Right Time?

Deciding to upgrade your ecommerce platform is never an easy decision. It’s often fraught with angst and uncertainty. That’s understandable considering the amount of time, energy, organizational disruption, and not to mention, money that is involved in such undertakings. However, there often